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Our Academics


A Girl in a Classroom
A Solid Foundation

Our Bible program is a part of every day at our school. Stories from the Bible are told using colorful illustrations that plant the Word of God firmly in the minds of our students. Along with Bible stories, students of all ages memorize a significant amount of Scripture and learn traditional gospel songs. Our goal is to reach all students with the gospel message and lay a solid foundation for their lives.




Why Teach Cursive?



Our program includes teaching cursive writing from K4-6th grade. 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
Logic and Order

At WCCS, our math program is built on a firm foundation of teacher directed drill and memory exercises. Our spiral curriculum builds from one year to the next preparing students in every area of mathematics. Basic math concepts and problem-solving skills with a biblical world view will help students be prepared for all future learning. 

Teacher and Young Student

Phonics Based Approach

The Abeka reading program begins with the earliest preschool years. Even before entering kindergarten, students will have a solid preparation for life-long reading through learning letters and sounds, phonetic building blocks and sight words. Our reading books are filled with character-building stories that will inspire and instruct as students move from one reader to the next. Attention is given to both fluency and comprehension. Each year, students will progress through a values based program of reading that will prepare them for all future learning. 


Geography Lesson

Our program teaches history from a traditional conservative perspective. History, Geography and Economics that emphasize our nation's history and the founding principles from which America has grown are taught from a Biblical perspective, reflecting how God has formed and prospered our nation for a purpose. Abeka history is a highly patriotic curriculum that will ensure that our American heritage is remembered and treasured. 




Chemistry Students
Science and Health


At WCCS, all areas of Science, Physics and Chemistry as well as Health are taught with our Creator in mind. Students will learn about the beliefs behind some of the great scientific minds that formed all we know today in science. As with History, all learning will utilize written, hands-on work along with colorful illustrations and reading that will prepare them for a college education. 

Library Books
art intro

Our rigorous program of grammar, spelling and vocabulary, literature, and poetry will help all students have a better understanding of the English language. As a college-prep program, Abeka prepares our students through a spiral curriculum, building year to year so that students are ready for any area of study after graduation. 





At WCCS, we have a full program of art, music, as well as a developing sports program. Strong academics are vital to our school, but we also believe that all students will benefit and grow to be well rounded students through our extra curricular activities. We are hard at work to expand in this area so watch for new programs in the coming months. 

A K3-12
College Preparatory School

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